Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update on RWA

Progress is being made on the repudiation of the Research Works Act (RWA), which is the AAP's attempt to make the NIH's Open Access efforts illegal.  Several publishers (mostly university presses) have openly disavowed the bill and the criticized AAP (of which they are members).  This includes Rockefeller University Press, which is in the district represented by the bill's key sponsor.  Richard Poynder (of Open & Shut blog) reported his attempts to get publishers to answer key questions about their support of the bill.  Only NEJM's editor responded to all questions - the key response being: "We have no position on the RWA as drafted."  Hmmm, "no position", eh?  Sounds like tacit support to me.  

Well the university presses, at least, are starting to disavow the bill.  In addition to Rockefeller, MIT Press, ITHAKA, U Penn, and University of California presses have rejected the bill.  However, none have threatened withdrawal of support of the AAP.  Maybe it's too soon to expect that.

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