Monday, January 2, 2012

This is troubling: ACRL Assessment Committee

I was a little concerned about this development, especially just as I was preparing for my new position in, er, assessment:
ACRL Assessment Committee:
ACRL has recently proposed a new committee structure as part of a broader initiative to support the ACRL Strategic Plan for Excellence. Part of this restructuring includes the disbanding of the ACRL Assessment Committee. From the Proposed Committee Structure Chart (pdf):
Current name: Assessment Committee

Current Charge: The Assessment Committee is responsible for encouraging the use of assessment techniques and the development of a culture of assessment to assure effective academic library programs, services, and collections; and identifying and disseminating relevant assessment resources to the ACRL membership via the ACRL website, ALA Connect, ACRL publications, ACRL professional development programs, and other relevant venues.

Disposition/Transition: Disband at end of June 2012. Specific activities in current committee workplan (i.e., “Develop and Submit a Committee Program for the 2013 ACRL Conference” and “Value of Academic Libraries Toolkit”) will be completed by to Value of Academic Libraries Committee.
You can read more about the proposed changes on the FAQ ACRL has set up. FAQ:
Learn more about the ACRL Assessment Committee and the ACRL Value of Academic Libraries Committee.
What are your thoughts? I haven't been involved in this, so I'm unable to comment at this time...

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