Thursday, September 27, 2012

Library 2.012 Virtual Conference - FREE!

Given all the cuts to libraries and particularly to librarian professional development (including travel), I actively seek and would like to promote those opportunities that are cost-effective.  And how much more cost-effective can you get with something that is free?  (OK, your time is money, but eliminating conference fees and travel expenses boosts the cost-effective equation tremendously.)

The Library 2.012 Virtual Conference is next week and there are 148 presentations (and counting) scheduled over 2 days.  They cover six different "strands":

  • STRAND 1: Libraries – Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces

  • STRAND 2: Librarians & Information Professionals – Evolving Professional Roles in Today’s World

  • STRAND 3: Content & Creation – Organizing and Creating Information

  • STRAND 4: Changing Delivery Methods

  • STRAND 5: User Centered Access

  • STRAND 6: Mobile and Geo-Social Information Environments
Here is a sampling of the presentations:
OK, I confess...the list is a bit biased...the last two are mine.  I hope these will be a stimulating look at what our patrons have selected and how they compare with our print and EBSCO eBooks collection.  This will be my first presentations using WeCollaborate, which provides a slightly more interactive environment than simple webcasting. 

But even if my topic of demand-driven acquisitions is not on your radar, consider taking a moment to look at the options available and take advantage of this opportunity to see what others have done.

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